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Graphics Best Practices

What to keep in mind when designing graphics for your GAgives marketing efforts.

  • Sign up for free online design software through Canva for Nonprofits or Adobe Express, and you'll gain access to photos, images, templates, and other tools you can use to design graphics that will enhance your campaign.
  • Know the dimensions you need before creating your design. Consider bookmarking this helpful guide to social media post dimensions.
  • Incorporate your organization’s brand logos, fonts, and colors.
  • Keep your designs simple. Make sure every element that you use has a reason to be in the design.
  • Limit your fonts. Applying too many different fonts can make your design hard to read:
  • Optimize readability. Consider how your text reads over backgrounds or images, as well as the colors and fonts you use for headings:
  • Limit stock images. Whenever possible, use real pictures of your facilities, team members, services, events, etc.
  • No free-floating images. Align your images with designs or frames:
  • Let your designs breathe! Good spacing = balanced compositions.
  • Replicate designs that you love, or designs that have caught your attention – there’s a reason that they worked!

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