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The NACHF's mission is to preserve our heritage and honor our mounted warriors, past and present, around the world. Today, we strive to collect their stories so that they can forever be recorded as a part of both Army and American history.

We are establishing Pattons’ Park and Memorial Walk as a place of celebration and dedication to showcase the rich and distinguished heritage of Armor and Cavalry. Pattons’ Park currently showcases nine armored vehicles representing 75 years of mounted warfare history and five organizational monuments. As we expand the park, we anticipate featuring up to 30 additional monuments.

The US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection’s occupation of their newly constructed Training Support Facility (TSF) has presented new opportunities for a partnership that is mutually beneficial to our mission and the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection. By supporting the NACHF, you will not only be directly connected to the success of Pattons' Park and Memorial Walk, but also to the preservation and restoration of the US Army Armor and Cavalry Collection, which brings the rich history of our mounted forces to life.

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