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Are you your brothers' keeper??  We at Enough to Share, Inc. believe we are our brothers'...our sisters...and our children's keeper.  Together we are and can make a difference; we can end hunger in our neighborhoods, throughout our country, and the world.

Enough to Share, Inc. (E2S) is a not-for-profit, 501c3 State registered organization that have been in existence since 2015 and serve more and more clients with each passing year.  We, the board and volunteers humbly provide quality food items to the needy--senior citizens, the low-income clients, college students, those without employment and others.   With arms over wide, our volunteers assist in getting the food items packaged and ready for distribution.  Teenagers too have their own special day to volunteer--on Saturday as needed. 

Another goal we identify with is our “Safe Space" specifically for teenagers.  A place/haven for them to grow, to have fun, and most importunity for them to feel safe. Our plans for such a place has been in the making for more than 20 years--faithfully, we have not given up on seeing it come to fruition.  With the youth having the responsibility of operating the facility, all those engaged will be given choices to participate in cooking, technology, sewing, Music, the Arts, and tutoring sessions along with, free-to-speak, self-empowerment and financial literary opportunities.  Basketball training time will also be available for them.

Can you see the vision?  Join us in making sure that a "Safe Space" building/retreat for our youth.  A needed development for our community and  for your community as well.  We must remember that there is enough to share!

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