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Help survivors of gender-based and sexual violence heal by covering crucial health-related expenses


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Your donation will help provide a lifeline of support and relief during the healing journey of survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault by covering crucial or unexpected healthcare expenses! 

Many of the immigrant and refugee survivors we serve do not have health insurance, may not be eligible for employment and public benefits like medicare or medicaid or to apply for crime victims compensation. 

The impacts of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault on the overall health of survivors are often unseen or sudden. Emergent health needs can include doctor visits, emergency/urgent care bills, ambulance expenses, mental wellness support and therapy, and so much more. Some health issues may even manifest at a later time.  

These survivors have already faced unimaginable challenges, and we believe they shouldn't have to bear these financial burdens alone, having to choose between basic needs and healthcare.

How Your Donation Can * Help :

$25: Provides transportation to a doctor's appointment.

$50: Covers a co-pay for a specialist / mental health counseling session.

$75: Covers medication costs

$100: Helps pay for urgent care or emergency room bills.

$250: Supports ambulance and medical transport costs.

$500: Assists survivors medical procedure or treatment expenses.

By contributing to our Giving Tuesday campaign, you can directly impact the lives of immigrant and refugee survivors in need. Thank you for your compassion and generosity. Together, we are changing lives and breaking the cycle of violence.

* Please note that these are approximate costs shared to offer a general sense of how donations can assist with healthcare expenses and do not represent precise dollar figures for any of the expenditure categories.

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