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Raising BeYOUtiful Butterflies, a registered 501(c)(3) mentoring and empowerment organization. Our mission is to educate and empower girls ages 4-21 years old by inspiring them to recognize and embrace their own potential to be confident, self-sufficient, unique, determined, and powerful in their lives as well as in their communities, while encouraging sisterhood.  We do this by empowering them to lead from within and exposing them to real life situations that strengthen their physical and mental abilities through programs designed to encourage them to use their voices to empower themselves and their communities, academic excellence, post-secondary education, and planning for a 21st century career. 

In our work with girls, Raising BeYOUtiful Butterflies aim is nothing less than empowerment. Raising BeYOUtiful Butterflies defines an empowered girl as someone who knows her strengths and capabilities, isn’t afraid to embrace them, an active learner in school, a confident actor in her family and community, and ready to take on her biggest dreams. An empowered girl is in touch with her voice. She recognizes that her voice matters, that she matters. An empowered girl believes in herself, has the confidence to express herself in the company of her peers as well as adults, she knows that she can do and be anything she sets her mind, and lives in a community where she is treated equally, where parents, peers, and role models supports her growth and her goals.

Our vision is to be the hub for inspiring, uplifting, rebuilding, empowering, and transforming a generation of girls and young women through affirming beauty, vibrancy, encouragement, and education so that they have the confidence to make positive life choices as they prepare for the next chapter in their lives. 

Our impact on girls:

Our girls develop confidence and skills through workshops and programs enriched with self-esteem building components, empowering them so that they stay engaged in school and ultimately graduate from high school with a clear vision for their future. 

Our girls see themselves as leaders empowering and inspiring the girls around them, and making them feel special and strong. Encouraging their friends to speak up, making sure they know the value of their opinions so that they’re never scared to use their voice. 

Our girls are inspired to be curious, ask questions, to be authentic, brave and totally fearless when it comes to understanding who she is, challenge their abilities, realizing their inner-strengths pursuing her dreams, blazing a trail, spreading kindness, and being an instrumental part of her community.

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Raising BeYOUtiful Butterflies

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