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Please support the Clarkston Community Center on this special GA Gives Day.

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The Clarkston Community Center prides ourselves in being able to help thousands of people each year. We have been a vital part of this community for more than 27 years and we continue to provide valuable resources and programs that are greatly needed to wonderful residents of Dekalb County and the community of Clarkston. The community relies on us in times of need, and we will continue to be a place of refuge and hope for the many people who walk through our doors.

We ask you all to help us continue helping the many residents who rely on our services each year. Without your support, we would not be able to continue the amazing work we do here at the Clarkston Community Center.

With your donation, the Clarkston Community Center can help ease the burden that the families will have during this difficult time. We stand with our community and will always remain a safe place for anyone who comes through our doors.

Don't wait! Make your donation today.

Please support the Clarkston Community Center on this special GA Gives Day. As the CCC always says “we build community!”, thank you for making a charitable tax-deductible donation today, helping build community one person and family at a time!

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Make checks payable to Clarkston Community Center
P.O. Box 217
Clarkston GA 30021-0217

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