GivingTuesday 2022

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A nonprofit fundraiser supporting

Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue


raised by 329 people

$45,000 goal

With today’s poor economy, animal control is overcrowded with abandoned cats and dogs. Some have been abused.  Some had owners who couldn’t afford them anymore.  Many are victims of neglect by owners or society.  At Mostly Mutts, our goal is to save every animal we can and give them a new life.


We rescue them, we treat them medically, we train and nurture them.  If they haven’t been neutered or spayed, we handle that, too.  And then we work tirelessly to match them up with good homes.  From the moment an animal becomes a Mutt, they are loved and cared for by a large group of volunteers.


Mostly Mutts is unlike many rescues in that we don’t just rescue the “easy” animals.  We take in all animals including those with disabilities, medical issues, and those that are older or socially fragile.  There are so many desperate animals hoping for a good life.  Won’t you help us give them one?


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