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South Cobb Arts Alliance is an all volunteer supported arts organization opening doors to engage the community.  When awarded a National Endowment of the Arts grant in 2016,  SCAA  recommitted itself to return to its outreach roots bringing  art focused opportunities to our local communities.  

Art is the heart of the South Cobb Arts Alliance.  Whether you see it in the brushstroke of an artist, smiles from an audience, or through the eyes of a child… it’s the heart of the SCAA.   Since 1972, our goal has been to continue and to grow the many SCAA events while keeping them free of charge or at a discount, so that every family can be a part of the fun, learning, and appreciation of the arts.  SCAA is-

  • Committing to providing opportunities for the general public to broaden their art experiences.   
  • Opening doors to those in our community who might otherwise not partake in the arts.
  • Providing support to art educators and art students.
  • Setting our goals to continue the recognition and  support of the area's cultural arts with one person, one event at a time. 
  • Putting art in public spaces:  currently, SCAA has 12 exhibits a year, including student artwork.  
  • Celebrating hallmark events.  In 2019, the organization celebrated its 32nd National Juried Exhibit and its 35th Christmas House Arts and Crafts Show.  
  • Envisioning a new outreach activity:  Color Pop– an SCAA  ART coloring book project for children in hospitals and at other facilities. Artwork will be done by students, schools, artists (professional as well as amateur), and other organizations to communicate their best wishes and to raise the spirits of the recipients. 
  • Working with local artists to encourage and assist them with their artwork, exhibits and community connections.

South Cobb Arts Alliance has achieved numerous milestones since its inception.  Among  SCAA's many more recent achievements, in 2009, the Cobb Arts Board and Friends of the Arts recognized SCAA for significant contributions to the arts in Cobb County with its Outstanding Ensemble/Arts Organization award. In 2014, Cobb Community Relations Council recognized the organization at its Celebration of Diversity. The National Endowment for the Arts awarded SCAA a 2016-17 grant to broaden SCAA’s outreach and promote local artists, art educators, students in the community. 

Art is a wonderful way to help build and strengthen our communities. It helps to engage, inspire, and encourage us to reach out and connect with each other, express our creative voice and create shared experiences while working together toward meaningful outcomes.

 Help empower SCAA's vision by making a donation today.  Thank you.

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