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Our number one goal is to bring excitement to a subject that many students consider too challenging and very uninviting.  Yes, we bring the excitement to math.  Our unique style which combines motivation, music, competitive techniques, current math standards, prep materials, parents, and students together is unlike anything you have ever seen.  There is only one way for students to get better in math and that is to practice.  To practice, however, they must be motivated.  The current techniques being used to motivate our child are insufficient. 


The math events started 2004 with students from one Georgia Elementary School that showed the impact of adding competitive academic events as a way to improve student motivation and achievement.  Although the test scores soared, this school developed a new hunger for math that led to the creation of an event that would grow to serve tens of thousands. 

Our children across the  country need  a new reason to get engaged in their own studies in math.  We have developed two different competitions that stretch the academic skills and preparation of students.  Our team event put students in small groups to solve critical thinking questions.  Our large group event requires students to use their speed and accuracy to solve math problems.  In both competitive events, we mix the motivation and excitement of the large crowds, music, and math success to qualify our top participants to advance.  As students move to high levels, their math skill and practice also increase, thus, preparing them to meet the rigor necessary for math success.

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