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Kirkwood has built a strong sense of social solidarity (interdependence between individuals in a community) over the past century. The neighborhood desires to be a source of strength to our elderly and physically challenged neighbors in a time of tremendous uncertainty and need.   

We recognize that a community depends on social solidarity to thrive. Typically, this solidarity may be communicated and facilitated through the work of single individuals, from church programs, from visiting family, or social programs. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has limited these existing sources of support. As the situation has unfolded, a need for neighbors to further embrace avenues to support the well-being of our elderly and physically challenged neighbors has emerged, particularly because they are at even higher risk from the virus.  

When COVID-19 began to shift our daily operations, and shelter-in-place mandates took place, a group of compassionate residents stepped forward and established Kirkwood Adopt a Senior Program (KASP). The mission of KASP is to ensure Kirkwood’s elderly and physically challenged neighbors are not forgotten. Over the past several weeks, KASP has matched nearly 30 seniors one-on-one with fellow neighbors. The neighborhood volunteers advocate on their behalf to fulfill their basic needs and link them to other essential community resources. 

Beyond the pandemic, the desire to connect neighbor-to-neighbor has been expressed within the community. Though made imperative during the pandemic, KASP’s vision is to establish and maintain partnerships with existing community-based service providers to ensure Kirkwood’s most vulnerable receive the support and community connection they deserve. 

On this emergency day of philanthropic giving, join us to ensure Kirkwood’s longtime neighbors receive the community connection and practical support they need to remain well during this time of tremendous uncertainty and need. 

Please donate to KASP today to protect Kirkwood’s most vulnerable! 

p.s. Be sure to follow us on Instagram to learn more about our work! 

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