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At the core of Just Love More, Inc.'s work is our mission statement: Compassionate support for people affected by addiction. That includes all of us. We're all affected by addiction somehow, whether we are the ones battling addiction or not. But the work we are doing is bigger than that, because we know the solution is bigger than that.

 In order for someone to successfully overcome addiction and set themselves firmly in recovery, they need to do more than stop their addictive and/or compulsive behavior. They need to correct the things that led to those behaviors in the first place. They need to right their body, brain, mind, and spirit.

 When it comes to people on the street, before we can realistically talk to them about coming out of active addiction, we need to give them a reason to stop using. Housing, food, medical care, health care, employment, support, love, compassion...

That's what Just Love More does. We meet people where they are, we get to know them and make sure they feel seen, heard, and loved. Then we find out what recovery looks like for them, work together on creating an action plan and help them work toward those goals.

Just Love More, Inc. is not affiliated with any for-profit recovery company, and we don't ever try to tell someone how they should handle their addiction. We acknowledge that every person who uses drugs is an individual, and so must be their recovery.

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