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Who we are: 

Hazelwood Prep is an alternative educational non-profit organization. At Hazelwood Prep, we focus on channeling what children are passionate about into a love of learning and we support individualized education by rejecting a one size fits all educational model.

What we do: 

We offer affordable high quality education. Students have the freedom to accelerate studies as it is our belief that every student is gifted in some area. Our first goal is to identify each child’s strengths, then nurture that talent while supporting competence in other subjects. This allows students to accelerate in subjects where they are naturally inclined.

We offer homeschool support based on years of experience in preparing homeschool portfolios for college applications, and we are keenly aware of what curriculum must be covered and to what extent. We are then able to close gaps that can prevent students from being successful in college. 

Our program also hosts several club-based activities for our students. Our current club lineup includes the Interact Club of Hazelwood Gwinnett which is a service club sponsored by the Rotary Club of Lawrenceville, a creative writing club which occasionally publishes the Raven’s Review, an art and literary magazine of student work, and a tabletop role playing game organized by our students. 

We provide education through theatre by studying classic theatre, such as Shakespeare, Sophocles, Moliere, and Oscar Wilde, as well as scripts inspired by classic literature like Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll. This enhances academic understanding and critical thinking to help sharpen student’s thinking skills and expose them to challenging materials. These works present relatable characters and topics, as well as opportunities to develop language skills. They help students learn about history and the lives of people the students may not have otherwise encountered. This immersive approach to literature enriches students' understanding of a variety of historical periods and human conditions.

How can you help?

As a not-for-profit program, we believe that money should not be a barrier to learning. We are actively raising funds to provide tuition assistance for qualified families, to hire parapro support staff to aid our students with learning differences, and to fund our theatre program. 

This Tuesday, November 28th, between 4pm and 4:59, we need as many people as possible to donate at least $5.00 to Hazelwood Prep via this page or one of our attached fundraisers. Your financial support is always appreciated, and we need your help to get the word out. Please contribute what you can to one of our fundraisers and share our story with your friends.

Thank you again for your support!


Foster an inclusive educational community that inspires excellence. 


  • Develop students to be self-directed learners who are ready for higher education and career opportunities through living history, hands-on science, and cross-discipline integration. 
  • Serving homeschool families and anyone who needs additional educational support. 
  • Creating confident, educated young adults.

"I started out my journey with Hazelwood Prep with the idea that we could create an atmosphere that included everyone who wanted to homeschool no matter their race, religion or background. Our main goal was to teach history in a relaxed 4-year format. Our program has grown over the 4 years we have been active to include other activities and clubs, but we have never strayed from the values stated in our mission and vision. 

As we continue to grow, we endeavor to set up a strong foundation that will outlast ourselves and serve the alternative education community for the unforeseeable future. Our plans are ambitious, but so are our hearts. And they get bigger every day thanks to the students who inspire and lift us up every week, reminding me why this crazy idea might actually be a great one. " -Andrea Hermitt, Co-founder Hazelwood Prep

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