Georgia Justice Project

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Georgia Justice Project (GJP) strengthens our community by demonstrating a better way to represent and support individuals in the criminal justice system and reduce barriers to reentry. GJP promotes innovative change through direct legal representation, policy advocacy, education and coalition building.

What We Do

For 35 years, GJP has worked through all the phases of the criminal legal system: from arrest, to prosecution, incarceration, probation, reentry, and all the way through policy reform. Through our direct client services, we provide holistic legal consultation and representation for criminal defense, reentry lawyering, and criminal record cases for thousands of clients a year. We combine representation with social service support to help individuals create better futures. We have utilized what we have learned to educate communities and local jurisdictions across Georgia on the barriers caused by having a criminal record. And, we have helped change 21 Georgia laws that negatively impact an individual’s ability to change their lives after an encounter with the criminal justice system.

Our Goals

1) Reduce the number of Georgians who are under correctional control

2) Reduce reentry barriers for the formerly incarcerated and justice-involved

How You Can Help

Help us give a second chance to those who need it most to continue a new chapter in their lives - donate to GJP today!

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Georgia Justice Project

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Community Economic Development Humanitarian Aid


438 Edgewood Ave SE
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