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4Sarah, Inc. is a survivor led 501(c)3 Faith-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to empower change in the life direction of women and girls who are victims of sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation. 4Sarah was established in 2005 as a nonprofit organization and founded by a former stripper who transitioned out of the adult entertainment industry in 2003 with the help from God, her husband, and the birth of her daughter Sarah.  4Sarah's Trafficking Hurts campaign goal seeks to raise $25,000 before the end of 2023 to fund our programs. 

Human trafficking hurts. It hurts the victims, deprives their children, separates families, and destroys communities. Trafficking victims are often physically exploited, many times with no access to food, hygiene, or health care. They may frequently be subject to violence at the hands of their abusers, as well. In addition to the impact on the individuals and their families, human trafficking demands a constant stream of resources from the community, including law enforcement, caregivers, and non-profit organizations, like 4Sarah, to develop comprehensive prevention and intervention plans. 

4Sarah's Assessment House Program

The underserved women from the adult entertainment industry often find that service programs are not equipped or even interested in helping strippers, prostitutes, or escorts. Most organizations do not know how to address the needs of this demographic because they fear the pimps and/or the exploiters may locate the victims and their children. There is also a lack of understanding that the women are not strippers, prostitutes or escorts, but are victims that need a chance to heal with a Christ-centered community. There are many barriers that prevent survivors of exploitation or sex trafficking from successfully assessing and receiving services or obtaining the support they need in order to heal and pursue justice. The biggest barrier is the lack of immediate housing for pregnant women or women with children looking to escape a life of exploitation. There are simply not enough housing programs to help pregnant women or women with children in transition from a life of victimization.

Through our outreach and intervention programs we determined the urgent need for the 4Sarah Assessment House to assist pregnant women and women with children who are victims of sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking. On December 1st, we will celebrate 5 years since we opened the assessment house. We have provided housing to victimized mothers as young as 17 years old. The families are able to stay up to 6 months while they locate long term housing placement. The goals of 4Sarah are to assist in the healing process by providing access to different services survivors will need to become successfully transitioned into employed, self-sufficient citizens who are capable of living independently after leaving the 4Sarah assessment house and a life of exploitation.

4Sarah Scholarship Program

There is also a lack of educational opportunities to help the women we serve who have not graduated high school. 4Sarah's scholarship program provides opportunities for women and girls that have transitioned out of a life of exploitation to obtain their high school diploma or continue their education.  There is a percentage of women that leave the sex industry but lack a high school diploma so they may attend college and earn a degree. This challenge leaves women vulnerable to stay with their trafficker, therefore continuing in a life of exploitation. The scholarship committee meets quarterly to review scholarships and to vote on submitted applications. Due to limited funding 4Sarah has to select applicants that are serious about completing their high school diploma or obtaining a college degree.

Trafficking hurts our children, our women, our families and our communities but with your support victims will find healing, housing, education and employment. Will you help 4Sarah reach our end of the year goal by donating to our Trafficking Hurts campaign? You may either donate online at www.GAgives.org by November 28, 2023 or mail a check directly to 4Sarah. We need your help to continue serving the families that are transitioning out of a life of exploitation. THANK YOU for your continued support! Let’s not just put a band-aid on the services but let’s help victims find true healing and support for their future. 


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