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For 44 years, people have turned to WRFG radio at 89.3 FM for the news, music, and information that you just can’t find on mainstream radio.  WRFG is a non-commercial, non-profit, listener-supported station.  Everyone on air is a volunteer, hosting programs at WRFG because they’re committed to independent radio – not for a paycheck.
WRFG is a much-needed outlet for the diversity of people, ideas, and cultural expressions that exist throughout our community and the world.  As an institution, we support initiatives that uplift human dignity and give people more control over their lives.  The core of our mission is to provide a voice to those who have been denied one.  WRFG is a progressive radio station because it broadcasts content that supports freedom, justice, equality, and human rights for all people.
WRFG has consistently won awards for the distinctiveness of our mission and the excellence of our programming. Our programs reflect the unique listening interests of metropolitan Atlanta.  Year after year, listeners (including folks from throughout the country and around the world who listen to us online) tell us that they rely on WRFG for:
  • International and regional music programs that span the cultural heritage of America and especially the South – Zydeco, Blues, Jazz, Celtic, Americana, Caribbean, Indian, R&B, Latin, Bluegrass, Hip Hop, African

  • Public affairs programming of interest to every segment of the community – programs on health and nutrition, the environment, peace and justice, gender issues, the economy, and the workplace.  We feature news from around the world and around the city--news that runs the risk of being ignored by corporate media outlets.
This is WRFG’s 44th year of continuous broadcasting – a remarkable achievement!  The reason for our success is and always has been the thousands of everyday people who support the station.  People who understand the importance of independent media and people who enjoy our programming continue to stand by us and support us.  We hope you’ll join them.
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