Whitefoord, Inc.

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The Mission:
To engage, serve, and strengthen community through health and education

Who we are:
Established in 1995, Whitefoord is a unique community-based service organization specializing in comprehensive healthcare and early childhood education programs.

What we do: 
Whitefoord, Inc. connects quality healthcare and education through programs that, from day one, ensure children are healthy, safe, and prepared for school.



Whitefoord operates Federally Qualified Community health centers in Southeast Atlanta, where we provide comprehensive medical, dental and behavioral health services to children and families who are uninsured and under-insured. Of the health centers, one is a Family Medical Center located in Kirkwood, and the others are school-based health centers located in Atlanta Public Schools.


Whitefoord operates Georgia Quality Rated, NAEYC accredited early childhood education programs for children 6 weeks to 5 years. We also offer afterschool and summer programs to varying age groups. 

How You Can Get Involved:
1. Show your generosity and compassion for the children and families we serve by making a donation today for Georgia Gives Day!
2. Like our page on Facebook at: and follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @Whitefoordinc
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Nicole M donated $25.00
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Nicole M donated $25.00
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Updates and Donors' Comments


Thank you Whitefoord Inc for all you do for our kids and community.


Whitefoord is a great organization, making a big impact on the Atlanta community.


Glad to be a part of on organization that is changing our community, one life at a time.


Thanks to Whitefoord for all you do!