Voices of the Valley Children's Chorus

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Voices of the Valley, in residence at the Columbus State University Schwob School of Music, is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (58-1637918 EIN) that provides the children of the Chattahoochee Valley with excellent choral training and performance opportunities. Voices of the Valley currently serves over 60 children from multiple cities, counties, and schools. Many of these singers come from schools who do not offer music, are homeschooled, or are from Title I schools. Not only do the children of Voices of the Valley develop a lifelong love of music, but Columbus and surrounding communities experience the wonder and joy of music as shared by children. The active Board of Directors, comprised of community leaders, music professionals, and parents, work to guide and support the organization. Voices of the Valley is led by Columbus State University music education professor, Dr. Michelle Herring-Folta. 

While Voices of the Valley has had immense success in the local community, we have yet to travel. Traveling as a choir not only brings a spotlight to the cultural achievements of Columbus, Georgia, but also benefits our singers and aids in our organization’s mission: to develop young singers’ fundamental musicianship skills while engaging the power of music to enrich the quality of life in our community. Many of our singers have never traveled out of the city, state, or country.  Travel provides an opportunity for our singers to expand their musical and social horizons while refining their professional skills. 
Our first choir tour will be to England in July of 2018. We will perform at a variety of cathedrals in Norwich and London over the 10-day tour. When we are not performing, we will be sight-seeing and participating in educational events. Voices of the Valley is commissioning an arrangement of “How Can I Keep From Singing,” from nationally known American composer Mark Patterson, to be premiered in England. This commission will cost us $3000.00.
It is important to the Voices of the Valley organization that every singer attends the England tour. The cost of the trip is $3309.00 per person, which is an unachievable goal for many of our parents. Please help us provide this excellent opportunity for our children and community.  It is our goal that every singer in the choir attends this trip, which would total around $200,000 for a choir of 60 singers. 

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