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Tommy Nobis Center

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Have you ever thought about what it would feel like to want to work but
be overlooked because you have a disability?

Can you image how frustrating it would be to have people focus on what you can't do
rather than what you CAN do?


November 27, 2018 is GivingTuesday this year, a global day of giving.  GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season and, while many focus on holiday happenings, I'd like to encourage you to be impactful!
I need your help to raise $1000 for Tommy Nobis Center on GivingTuesday 2018!!!

As you know, I am honored to serve on the Executive team for Tommy Nobis Center.  We are a non-profit directly impacting our communities by putting individuals with disabilities to work.  I see the success stories; I hear the thank you's when we match the skills an individual has with employers in the community who are willing to give an individual with a disability a chance ... all they need is support and a chance.
Please help us get our groove on this holiday season!

I would like to ask a favor of you ... please support the mission of Tommy Nobis Center this year.  Support from individuals like you is so impactful to those who come to us for vocational training.  If you could donate $25 toward my goal, I would be so appreciative.  If you feel called to do more, I sincerely thank you. 
To learn more about the great organization I serve everyday,
please visit our website at

Thank you for helping me to support a mission I am so passionate about.  Each dollar we raise will make a difference to a person with a disability who wants to work in our community.  You make a difference!


Thank you for your donation in support of the mission of Tommy Nobis Center!
With sincere appreciation and gratitude,

Lisa Hughes

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I'm honored to support the work of my colleague and friend, Lisa Hughes, to champion respect and dignity through employment for those who ar


Happy to support the cause


I wish every city in America had a supportive organization like Tommy Nobis Center!


I support the Tommy Nobis Center and the positive impact they have on the world through empowering others.