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The Literacy Alliance, originally know as, Columbus Literate Community Program, has been a part of our community since 1990. It was through this organization, with tremendous community support and thousands of volunteer hours, that Columbus was named the first Certified Literate Community in the state by Georgia’s Certified Literate Community Program (CLCP). Our programs reach a wide variety of people, but they are all focused on one message: increasing literacy levels.
Our Executive Director has served on the state’s Professional Association board for 4 years and our agency has been recognized by the Georgia Press Association as one of the top CLCP’s in the state.
For more information please contact our office at 706-748-2610.
· We are committed to fiscal responsibility.  
            2011   Expenses $80,814    ($2,661 under budget)
            2010   Expenses $70,634     ($4,100 under budget)
            2009   Expenses  $76,183    ($8,457 under budget)
· Major Programs
· Kindergarten Readiness raises Pre-K children’s vocabulary levels significantly in just 8 weeks
· Dictionary Project for all MCSD and Fort Benning third grade students that promotes staying in school. In seven years over 18,000 presented.
· Adult Pre-GED Reading Class helps undereducated adults become more self-sufficient
            April 2011 to April 2012—30 students, 333 classroom instruction     hours, mentors gave 534 hours of their time, students grade levels
            gains to date are 2 to 5 years (most started at pre-school level)
· Facts  school year 2010-11
· +125  volunteers
· +1000 volunteer hours
· +6000 fliers distributed
· +50 PSAs on radio and TV
· +700 reading books given away 
· +2700 Dictionaries presented
· Need
· To educate the general public about effects of low literacy skills
· To reach more pre-k children and adult non-readers
· To develop more programs to address the needs of our school age children
· To develop a program that works with families to help them see simple things they can do to help the young students in their family

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