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From Pre-K to Kindergarten!

The Boyce L. Ansley School opened its doors on August 1 with its first class of pre-K students.  We serve children and their families who are experiencing homelessness in metro Atlanta, delivering a quality education and needed services to some of the most vulnerable members of our community.  

Our school offers children and their families: 

  • A strengths-based, individualized learning program that meets students where they are and gives them the tools they need to succeed
  • Comprehensive family and student support for physical and mental health and social services 
  • Small class sizes: a 7:1 student/teacher ratio 
  • Uniforms, meals, transportation and school supplies provided free of charge

Your donation will help us add a kindergarten class! We want our children to stay with us but need your help to add teachers, furnish a classroom and provide meals, uniforms and transportation to help more kids get the education they need.  
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Updates and Donors' Comments


Please join me in supporting this wonderful school.


The children are such an inspiration! What an amazing program - kudos to the teachers and volunteers!


Love is caring for other people's children. Your school sounds wonderful, Kate!


Best of luck!