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The Southeastern Trust for Parks and Land’s (STPAL) mission is to protect and enhance natural land for environmental stewardship and public benefit.
For this year’s Georgia Gives day STPAL is highlighting our 2018 project to perpetually protect a community garden east of downtown Atlanta.
For the last 25 years, the neighbors and friends of Tapestry Gardens have worked to convert 7 acres of vacant land into a shining example of environmental restoration and urban conservation. With the help of local environmental nonprofits, the volunteers at Tapestry Gardens have planted 150 trees, created a meadow filled with native flowers and grasses, constructed two butterfly gardens, built an apiary with several beehives, removed the invasive plants, and much more to restore, protect, and improve the land.
Turtles, herons, duck, geese, frogs, beavers, bees, and dozens of different trees and flowers call Tapestry Gardens their homes. There are even gardens that are used to grow produce for and in partnership with the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
STPAL’s role in the project is to create, monitor, and enforce a perpetual Conservation Easement on the property. The Conservation Easement grants control of the development rights of the property to STPAL and then extinguishes them in the same document. It spells out specific permitted and restricted usages for the property and remedies should its terms be violated. The leadership of Tapestry Garden is taking this step to safeguard their desire for the tract to remain natural, environmentally beneficial, and available for public enjoyment and environmental education.
As Atlanta grows and pressure on remaining buildable land increases the future of this tract could become in doubt. However, having Tapestry and STPAL working to protect this land makes its future certain.
Typically, the landowner is required to fund the transactional and stewardship costs of a Conservation Easement, but in this case, the Board of Directors of STPAL opted to rely on our own funds for the Conservation Easement so that Tapestry Garden can continue to use their funds for enhancing the property’s environmental value.
Our budget for the project is $10,000.
We hope you will contribute towards this effort.
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