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South Arts strengthens the arts in the South by encouraging diversity in audiences, artists and art forms and preserving and promoting the indigenous arts of the South. South Arts provides a variety of programs and services that sustain and expand markets for southern arts, artists and arts organizations and to create and strengthen networks of southern artists, arts professionals and arts organizations' capacities through technical assistance and other developmental resources.

The Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers brings the best of independent film to communities across the South. Audiences have seen over 300 films in more than 100 Southern communities. The Circuit takes the audience away from their televisions, computers, tablets and phones to connect them with independent filmmakers – live! Southern Circuit transforms watching film from a solitary experience into a communal one.

The Performing Arts Exchange is the primary marketplace and forum for performing arts presenting and touring—artists and work, ideas, learning and information—in the eastern United States. Performing arts presenters, artists, agents, and managers gather together for four days of professional development and artist showcases, and lay the groundwork for audience development throughout the South.

Folklorists in the South activities focus on new trends in the field, regional and national issues, public programming, and research issues pertaining to folklife in the South. FITS welcomes public sector folklorists, community scholars, academics, students and others working in the field.

ArtsReady is an online tool to help organizations in the arts sector plan for and respond to emergency situations, mitigate damage, and protect our national cultural and artistic heritage. Preparedness planning means taking your organization to the next level, being prepared for the next emergency, and being resilient for your audiences when they need you.

The Dance Touring Initiative is a multi-year project to enhance the presentation of modern dance and contemporary ballet for presenters and audiences. To strengthen their audiences' connection with modern dance and contemporary ballet, nearly 30 presenter participants receive intensive professional development, peer mentorship, technical assistance, and touring subsidies during the project.

The South Arts Fund propels artistry through the South by supporting arts organizations and their work. We fund opportunities for artists to tour and develop residenciy programs in new communities, and we create opportunities for professionals in the field to develop their skills. With our funds, we build and engage audiences throughout the region with creativity and expression.

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Love those Folklorists in the South retreats!