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Reimagining Equal Justice


SCHR’s 40th Anniversary is not just an in important milestone in SCHR’s history, but also in the history of justice in the South. We are proud of the change we have been able to achieve, but there is much work yet to do, and we cannot do it alone. Our success in the struggle for justice depends on the partnership of individuals, foundations, law firms, and businesses that believe—as we do—that fighting for justice cannot wait.
Since 1976, SCHR has been a force for change in the criminal justice system, vigorously fighting to uphold our mission to represent people facing the death penalty, challenge human rights violations in prisons and jails, and advocating for criminal justice system reforms on behalf of those affected by the system in the Southern United States.
From winning five cases before the United States Supreme Court that challenged ineffective assistance of counsel and racial bias in jury selection, to opposing private probation extortion and demanding humane prison conditions, SCHR has fought diligently to reimagine equal justice in the South. We are honored to be celebrating our 40th Anniversary, and we know that the changes we’ve been able to achieve would not have been possible without YOU.

Join us in ensuring that SCHR can continue challenging injustice for as long as injustice exists. Support SCHR on GA Gives Day!


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Love that I was once a part of doing this work and can now support your continued efforts. Thanks for all you do!


An open heart removes mind-fog and promotes clear-thinking. This donations supports my wish that all beings be free.


Go forth in the name of justice!


In honor of Steve Bright