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The Savannah State University Foundation, Inc. is a Georgia non-profit corporation with the purpose of receiving, investing and administering the private support of Savannah State University.

The mission of the Foundation is to support and enhance the University by encouraging charitable gifts from alumni and friends leading to academic programs of excellence. This Margin of Excellence allows the University to build upon a growing reputation of quality and value beyond the traditional resources provided by state appropriations or student tuition and fees.

The Foundation serves as the university's gift receiving office as the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia asks donors to make charitable gifts to the Foundation. For that reason, care should be taken to insure that all checks, deeds and negotiable instruments are made to the SSU Foundation. The Foundation will provide a gift receipt suitable for tax purposes acknowledging each gift.
A Board of Directors comprised of loyal alumni and friends administers and invests charitable gifts to maximize the gift's value to the University. The Foundation is tax exempt under provisions of section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. The Internal Revenue Service has further ruled that contributions to the Foundation are deductible by donors as provided in section 170 of the Code for federal income, gift and estate tax purposes. These provisions provide the most favorable tax advantages allowed by the Internal Revenue Service for charitable contributions.

Today, the cost of higher education may represent one of the largest single investments that a family or individual may make in a lifetime.  As a result, most students need some form of financial aid package, a combination of grants and loans, in order to finance their education.  At Savannah State University, over 85% of students meet the federal guidelines for need-based financial assistance.

Savannah State University enrolls over 4,000 students in its undergraduate and graduate programs.  Many of these students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and are often the first in their families to attend college.  While they come to the University with strong scores on standardized tests and academic records, pursue marketable and competitive academic majors, and are highly motivated to succeed, they often lack the financial stability to enable them to pursue their education uninterrupted. Usually their family resources cannot assist with their academic endeavors. In many cases, students must work during the academic year in jobs that are incompatible with the academic rigors of higher education. Some students find it necessary to "sit out" a semester or year to earn enough money to cover their expense shortfall for subsequent years and/or to pay current debts. This practice delays the time when they can enter the full-time workforce and become productive citizens.

The Savannah State University Foundation, Inc. seeks to provide scholarships and fellowships for all promising and deserving students.  Today’s outstanding students will be tomorrow’s leaders, exercising exceptional influence on the future of our society.

Need-based scholarships help us to live up to our tradition of serving the talented, but financially disadvantaged students.  Many students are able to attend Savannah State University only because of the generosity and support of private donors.

Privately supported scholarships also allow the University to recruit and retain top ranked students from across the nation and the world, adding to the rich academic environment of the University.     

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