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About the Ron Clark Academy
The Ron Clark Academy (RCA) is a highly-acclaimed, nonprofit middle school located in Southeast Atlanta. The Academy has received both national and international recognition for its success in educating students with academic rigor, passion, and creativity balanced by a strict code of discipline. Our 5th - 8th grade students represent various socio-economic and academic backgrounds and communities from across the metro region.  

Our Mission
To deliver the highest quality educational experience where global citizens are born through advanced rigor, engaging teaching methods, and a passionate climate and culture. 

Education Revolution
The Ron Clark Academy equips teachers with best practices that transform learning experiences and promote academic excellence. Over 30,000 educators, principals, and superintendents have already engaged in this powerful and transformative professional development experience.
Each week, educators from around the world visit the Ron Clark Academy to witness our dynamic and innovative teaching methods. Through classroom observations and workshops, participants in our training program learn ways to increase student engagement, ensure academic rigor, and create a climate and culture that leads to success.

The Ron Clark Academy is creating a change in education!  You can be a part of the Education Revolution.


Cicely D donated $25.00
Cicely D donated $25.00
Cicely D donated $25.00

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