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Invest In our Students' Future Today!
Exciting things are happening at Riverwood! We are pround that we are consisitently ranked among the top schools In Fulton County, the state of Georgia and the U.S.  BUT OUR GOAL IS TO BE #1 IN THE COUNTRY, AND WE NEED YOUR HELP!

Support "Teaching for Excellence" to Transform Our Classrooms
The Riverwood Foundation's sole purpose is to suppport long-tern, strategic initiatives that benefit EVERY STUDENT at Riverwood.  This year, the Foundation fully supports  Princiapal Chris Triolo's #1 initiative, "Teaching for Excellence." This fall  25 of our teachers began the program of on-site professional development. The results have been exciting, Their training is already transforming our classooms,  by shifting  the focus from traditional teacher-led to engaged,  student-centered learning.  "Every Riverwood teacher reaches 180 students every day,"  and  the foundation believes  that the best investment we can make is to support our teachers. Click the link below to hear more about the difference "Teaching for Excellence" is making at Riverwood.:

10 Reasons Why "Teaching for Excellence is the BEST INVESTMENT we can make in Our Students
  • "Teaching for Excellence"   impacts  every student at every level everyday at Riverwood.
  • "Teaching for Excellence"  ensures that our students are best prepared for college through       mastery not memorization.
  • "Teaching for Excellence" develops our students' critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • "Teaching for Excellence" moves towards applying knowledge than just acquiring it.
  • " Teaching for Excellence" classrooms become "student centric"  vs. teacher centric.!
  • "Teaching for Excellence" shifts the focus from teaching to learning.
  • "Teaching for Excellence " Students are highly engaged, which eliminates distractions!
  •  "Teaching for Excellence"  is the way to reach higher SAT/ACT scores, higher GPAs and higher graduation rates.
  • "Teaching for Excellence"  is the path for our studnets to be the best prepared and most successful for their future in higher education, in the workforce and in life.
Help Sponsor a Teacher and Change a Student's Life!
To fully fund this initiative for every teacher in every classroom at Riverwood, we need your  help.  "Teaching for Excellence" is being totally funded through tax-deductible contributions to the Riverwood High School Foundation from our parents, our community and concerned citizens like you. Each investment of $1000 will sponsor one teacher in the "Teaching for Excelelnce" program, but, every gift at any amount is welcome.

Please make your tax-deductible contribution TODAY!!!

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