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Will you help a hurting teen? Teenagers today face unparalleled hurts, pressures, and choices. In many cases, they are confronted with these issues without the knowledge of where to turn or who they can trust. Single-parent families are now commonplace. Families struggle to make the dinner table a regular gathering place. Suburban teens do not lack many of life's essentials, but many lack self-esteem, attention, hope, purpose and direction. The needs of teenagers in the suburbs have never been greater. Your involvement has never meant more.

Why Revolution Teen Center? We believe when students recognize their value and purpose that a revolution takes place in their heart. Lives and futures are changed as students realize they are part of something greater than themselves. Bullying, drugs, alcohol abuse, and teen suicide rates are on the rise. Every day the teenagers in our community are at risk! We want to provide a safe environment for them to enjoy being themselves. A place just for them, where they are reminded daily that their life has purpose. Confidence grows when teens know and feel they are loved and cared for.  

Revolution Teen Center's mission is to invest in the lives of local 7th - 12th-grade teens by providing after-school programs and entertainment events. Programs will be uniquely designed to enrich every facet of a teen's life:  academic, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social. Our programs will offer different ways of coping with the trials in life and how to keep going when the world tells you to just give up. Revolution is dedicated to providing a wholesome alternative to existing recreation and entertainment choices, as well as encouraging, uplifting, and helping parents navigate through the teen years. Engaging in partnerships with parents, teachers, and members of the community we will empower students to recognize their value and step into their purpose. We will inspire students to seek out connections that will promote positive life change and growth through mentorship, serving and leadership opportunities.

Will you help us Invest In Today's Youth For Tomorrow's Future?

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