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Raksha's mission is to promote a  a stronger and healthier South Asian community through confidential support services, education and advocacy.  Raksha provides multilingual and multicultural  supportive services to South Asians in Georgia especially around domestic and sexual violence.  Raksha advocates for equal access for immigrant survivors of violence .  Raksha provides support groups for women and children, individual counseling. advocacy at individual and community level, outreach to the community, training to service providers and criminal justice professionals.  

Emergency Accommodation/ Hotel Stay
It can be extremely dangerous for a victim of domestic violence to leave her home. The fatality risk is very high. Shelter space is often unavailable, since they are almost always full. Last year alone Raksha spent around $1000 to pay for survivors and their children to stay at a hotel. Raksha is looking to raise $1000 to pay for emergency accommodation for women and children.


One of the tactics that abusers use is isolation. Raksha has worked with survivors who are isolated from community and services. In Georgia, we know that public transportation is limited making it difficult for survivors to access services, attend court hearings, come to our office for Support group or counseling, attend job training etc. We want to make sure that survivors have access to resources and do not want the lack of transportation to be a barrier. Raksha is looking to raise $1000 to pay for taxi services and MARTA fares.


An important part of resiliency is that children have supportive and caring adults in their lives. Also we recognize that it’s important that there is a safe space to talk about the challenges they are facing or the abuse the have experienced. Last year alone Raksha assisted over 50 children and youth who need supportive services to help them heal and support their resiliency. For one child to get therapy services for a year it would cost $2400. We would love your support to make this possible.


Earlier this year we did a lot of focus groups and realized that many of the youth in our community are not aware of what sexual assault is and what resources are available. Raksha would like to engage children and youth and carry out awareness programs to address issues of dating violence, sexual assault, forced marriage and other gender based violence issues. Our current funding won’t cover prevention initiatives. Raksha is looking to raise $2000 to go towards youth inspired and identified education initiatives.

 Field Trip:

Raksha would like to raise $1000 for 10 women and 15 children to go on a field trip to Atlanta’s Aquarium. This will be a fun activity and a great experience for the women and children. 

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Aparna, thanks for the amazing work that you do!


Thank you so much for the amazing work that you do for the South Asian community!