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QLS Senior Center provides an array of services/programs geared towards enhancing and empowering senior lifestyles. Staying true to its grassroots methodology, QLS services are culturally relevant, using a non-residential physical and mental health component, with programs and services designed “for seniors – by seniors”.  Utilizing their strong community volunteer base, QLS established the Volunteer Program’s Assistants (VPA). The VPA’s often serve as the creator of programs, activities and daily services.  Since inception in 1985, this grassroots agency has developed into a multi-faceted agency which includes three senior residential housing units, and one blended family housing community. Providing safe and affordable housing to over 500 residents.

Lush grounds at QLS Meadows (Click to see more photos)

The senior center also serves as a venue for mental health related resources targeting older adults.  The QLS Men’s Healthy Living Program with its innovation and ease of entry of targeting African American Males, has allowed for an existing “male only” group to become an evidenced based program. The program offers little to no disruption to the “brotherhood and bond of trust” created prior to the program enhancements.  With additional support to enhance our evaluation of this program we believe the success of the program is sustainable and can be a model for replication into other senior centers.

The QLS Men’s Healthy Living Program has experienced many levels of success; one being the increased numbers of (male) participants.  Due in part to ongoing screenings and health fairs, developed with their needs and concerns in mind.  As we continue to make strides in health education and awareness; our male participants are eager to address concerns and seek knowledge for daily living.  The goals and objectives of the QLS Men’s Healthy Living Program are met on a weekly basis with mental-physical health disease prevention and health promotion activities.  Activities generated are consistent with making healthy life choices.

The QLS Men's Healthy Living Group (Click to see more photos)

QLS offers a Computer Literacy Training Program designed to assist seniors in becoming computer literate, increasing their ability to use personal computers in the workplace and in their daily lives. Classes established demonstrate techniques to alleviate the large technology disparity with seniors. Seniors seeking employment are able to ascertain a level of confidence with varied software; computer instructors set the foundation for novice users, while challenging the more experienced users. QLS supports the “lifelong learning” approach while administering many of the agencies continuing education programs. Quality Living Services GED (literacy), AARP and AHA Intern Program(s) are supported through enhanced visual tutorial. These computer generated tutorial are designed to assist participants using integrated learning techniques to accomplish their set goal. Seniors participating in the on-site program(s) are instructed in a classroom setting with textbooks and technology (computer training) support. QLS is responsive to transitioning seniors into new careers, as well as enhancing their lives.

The QLS Computer Literacy Training Program (Click to see more photos)

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