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Our Mission
Our mission is to be the evidence of God’s grace and perfect love to orphans in Kenya.  We protect, shelter, clothe, feed, educate, disciple and support the precious children of Kenya in an environment of family and community.


The Facts
There are over 43.4 million orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa and Kenya is home to 2.5 million of them. Over 25% of the population of Kenya lives on less than $1 a day. A third of the children are orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. In many regions, over 25% of orphans are severely malnourished. 

How You Can Help

There are several ways to support the efforts of Project 82. The first is prayer. Join us in praying for the orphans in Kenya to be loved and restored. Secondly, you can support Project 82 financially. You can make a onetime donation or sponsor a child monthly. A onetime or ongoing donation will help provide lifeskills training, food, healthcare, education and Christian discipleship for an at-risk teen in one of our orphan homes or help provide food, formula, diapers and supplies for the Neema House, our infant rescue home in Kenya. The third way is to share Project 82 with others. Tell your friends and family about our organization and help us educate others to join us in the fight for orphans in Kenya.

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