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Every year, approximately four million people visit Piedmont Park. More than half of park users visit at least once a week! For many of us, we remember our first memories of walking in the park, pedaling by the meadow, or playing with our friends in the active oval. Four million people; and not one person has to pay to enter the park. 

Atlanta has a gem sitting in the middle of the city, all thanks to people like you.

How? The nonprofit organization behind the park, Piedmont Park Convervancy, partnered with the City of Atlanta in 1989 in order to develop the park into what it is today. When the Conservancy was established, Piedmont Park was derelict, overused and unsafe.

Since PPC's inception, more than $66 million has been invested in the revitalization, expansion and maintenance of the Park.  Now it is safe, clean and flourishing with life. The Conservancy is a collection of neighbors, near and far, that love the park and want to do anything they can to ensure that we always have this beautiful greenspace at our fingertips.

Today, we are asking YOU to support YOUR park.

Your donation will help:
-Preserve Piedmont Park
-Deliver education programs and services to Atlanta's youth through camps, field trips and science series
-Develop new and exciting events such as "Splish Splash Doggie Bash" and "Party for Piedmont Park"
-Host the 2017 Green Market at Piedmont Park
-and so much more!

Be a part of the park. Give today.

Carol H donated $50.00
Rebecca C donated $20.00
Nancy B donated $100.00
TSW A donated $250.00
by Anonymous donated $36.00
Robert R donated $10.00

Updates and Donors' Comments


Love the steps at 11th street. Keep up the great work, small and big!!


Thanks, Piedmont Park!


We walked the park today, it was spectacular, fall colors, pristine! Thank you Piedmont Park Concervency