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Our CASA Volunteers come from all walks of life.  After training and background checks, they are sworn in by the Juvenile Court Judge as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA).   CASA Volunteers are assigned a child or group of siblings.  They gather information about the child, visit the child monthly, get to know the child's situation, and bring this information in a report back to the Juvenile Court Judge at each court hearing.  CASA Volunteers make recommendations to the Judge about the child, what services they need, how they are doing in school, and whether they think the child should be returned home.  This enables the Judge at each court hearing to make better decisions about when it's safe for the child to return home, which helps promote permanency for each child and prevent re-abuse. The children need a lot, like tutors, special help at school, psychological evaluations, therapy, etc., and the CASA Volunteer is there to make sure they get that help.

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