I support Planned PEThood of Georgia!

Planned PEThood of Georgia Inc.

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I support Planned PEThood because of animals like Decker.

Found outside, alone, by a dumpster, this tiny boy was brought to Planned PEThood in a Black & Decker juicer box that his Good Samaritan had in his truck.

The deck was stacked against Decker – he had a serious respiratory infection, a prolapsed rectum, and as if that’s not enough . . . lice!

Planned PEThood’s doctor and staff got to work on him right away, with fingers crossed that we would find a foster home for him. Sure enough, that foster home was me; and when the time came to send him on his way, he had become a part of my family.

Today Decker is 7 months old and the picture of health. He plays fetch with his toys, spoons in bed with his mom at night, and has no idea how lucky he is.

Planned PEThood’s theme for Georgia Gives Day this year is “$30k for the next 30k” – celebrating the fact that we’ve performed more than 30,000 spay/neuter surgeries. But that’s not all we do. Just ask Decker! Help me to help more lucky animals like Decker by donating. You don’t have to wait for the actual day (Nov 17th); you can follow this link any time to give us a head start.

Decker and I both thank you!

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