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People TV is the City of Atlanta’s public access media center which gives residents, nonprofits and community organizations an open forum to communicate opinions, programs, ideas, services and talents to a 100,000+ households. This access center provides adult and youth citizens of Atlanta an equal opportunity to participate in affordable television/video production workshops, access production facilities, and check out equipment to produce over 85 hours of local programming a week for Comcast channel 24.


• Continue to provide a sustainable forum through which Atlanta citizens and organizations can creatively communicate information to the community.

• Enhance People TV’s presence in the community and expand the production resources offered to Atlanta’s diverse citizens, nonprofits, companies, educational institutions, and civic/neighborhood associations.

• Develop productions that will help serve local and state government agencies.

• Serve the community as a leading media outlet, which produces local programming and information that reflects the city’s diverse interests and population.

• Further the use of state‐of‐the‐art media technology that supports visual and audio cablecast quality.

• Develop and implement a supplemental training curriculum to help producers improve on‐air presentation quality, which aligns with their conceptual intent.

• Increase opportunities for young people to gain experience in the media arts field.

• Expand audience by use of various new communication methods such as streaming video, video‐on‐demand, blogging, vlogging and other relevant technologies.

• Collaborate with local colleges, universities, and volunteer development agencies such as Hands On Atlanta to strengthen and diversify the volunteer and internship program.

• Continue to be honest, ethical, authentic, and trustworthy in the organization’s interaction with the public.

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