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Paws Humane Society

The Chattahoochee Valley’s leader in pet adoptions,veterinary services, and animal resources.
Paws Humane Society is a regional 501c3 non-profit organization. We receive no government funding and rely solely upon the generosity of individuals, businesses, and foundations.
On an average day, Paws cares for more than 100 animals in our shelter and more than 50 pets in foster care. We find homes for between 1,700 – 1,800 dogs, cats, and small critters annually.
We never euthanize for time or space and we will accept the return of any animal adopted from Paws as well as owner surrenders as space allows. Our main goal is to save animals from the Columbus, Ga. municipal shelter - Columbus Animal Care and Control. 
Paws provides many needed services to our community including high volume spay/neuter, a veterinary clinic, adoptions, a community cat program (TNR), community outreach (Pets For Life), behavior programs, and volunteer & foster programs. 

Give Back to Paws Because...

1. More than 13,000 companion animals have found their forever home through our adoption program. 
2. Over 53,000 affordable spay/neuter surgeries have been performed since opening our doors in 2009.
3. The Community Cat Program at Paws fixes, vaccinates and ear-tips more than 1,500 community (feral) cats each year. 
4. Through our Pets for Life program, per year more than 500 residents of underserved neighborhoods who cannot afford veterinary care receive assistance from our free programs. This, in turn, keeps these animals in their loving homes and out of the shelter. 
5. Every year, in-home heroes open their homes to more than 150 puppies and kittens as well as sick, injured and behaviorally challenged animals through our foster care program. 
Paws Humane, and more importantly the homeless pets in our region, critically need your support to continue our life-saving programs.
Every dollar donated helps Paws to save more lives and remain the leader in animal welfare and care in the Chattahoochee Valley!
If Paws Humane Society did not exist, Tatu and Wonder would not be here today. 

Our friends at Fire Station 8 picked Tatu up off the street and immediately called us for assistance. When they found her, she couldn’t stand and was badly injured. Upon examination, we found out that Tatu’s leg was severely broken and there was no chance of saving it. After recovering from surgery, Tatu started to stand on her own, and the spunk in her personality had fully returned. Your support gave her the hope she needed to finally walk on her own. It wasn’t long before Tatu received something she deserved more than anything – a loving family. Because of your support, Tatu’s second chance was possible. 

Wonder came to Paws Humane Society after he was surrendered to Columbus Animal Care and Control. Upon an evaulation from our veterinarian, we found out Wonder was blind. We believe Wonder suffers from a disease called Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Sydrome (SARDS) where the degenerative changes begin to happen and the end result is complete blindess. Sadly, it is an untreatable disease. This sydrome is something we rarely see, but you enabled us to care for him. The good news is we believe Wonder will go on to live a long healthy life with a family who understands his special needs. Your support allowed us to save his life. 


Updates and Donors' Comments


Thank you for helping neglected and abused animals in our area find new homes and get needed medical care.


Thank you PAWS for loving and saving the furbabies of our community.


PAWS has wonderful animals full of love to give to someone. They are the best.