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"We have a challenge: graduate kids from high school and motivate them to complete higher education. ODBI lights that spark in our kids and works to keep the flame burning." Sonia Davis, Coordinator of Homeless Education, Clayton County Public Schools     

At the end of the day, it's all about the kids!
Jae, a junior who before graduating Orange Duffel Bag didn’t like high school, has improved her GPA from a 2.6 to a 3.6! Now she’s applying for scholarships on her ODBI laptop. She would tell a friend about her ODBI journey, “Come here and be great!” 
Kal, a varsity football player who is living in a shelter with his mom and two younger brothers, also wasn’t a fan of school. “I was just getting by so I could play sports. But now, especially after ODBI’s Education Planning Sessions, I’m bringing up my GPA and researching colleges.”
Valerie, who is fifteen and in foster care, attended our Clayton ODBI class before she was relocated midway through the program to a group home in Cobb. She joined the Cobb class and “pushed through” to graduate the ODBI program with flying colors. How is she adjusting to living in a new group home and attending a new school? “I keep the My Orange Duffel Bag book in plain sight, and remind myself to hold on. I’ve got this.” 

Your generous donations make a powerful, positive difference!  Please donate today so students like Jae, Kal and Valerie can stay on track with their education.

Every contribution counts! Your ODBI gift of $50 will help with student workbooks and classroom materials. A $100 gift will help with meals and transportation for a student. A $500 contribution to ODBI will sponsor the laptop and software students earn upon successfully graduating our program. Please click here to make your yearend ODBI tax-deductible donation now! 
Your donation may be the most important thing you do this month. The numbers of students like Jae, Kal and Valerie, who are certified homeless or placed into the foster care system, increase every year. We as a community have an obligation to provide these young people with resources to help them continue their education and navigate a pathway out of poverty. Since 2010, ODBI has delivered programming and ongoing advocacy to 850+ at-risk students across seven counties in Georgia.
Thank you in advance for your generous gift to help Georgia's students in need succeed!

Michael Daly, President

P.S. Please donate today so at-risk students have a better tomorrow! #GivingTuesday!
And this just in ... Prize dollars available! ODBI is eligible for the #GasSouthFuelforGood Challenge! 

Orange Duffel Bag Initiative

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To the foster kids -- You are On The Road, despite some pebbles in your shoes. Congratulations. for all you are showing the world.


Thank you for all your hard work for a worthy cause in supporting education for our youth!


Thanks Dwayne Kasper for reminding me about this great initiative!


Helping students in need succeed ... a noble cause with infinite benefits!