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Since 2010, 750+ high school and college students have graduated ODB's 12-Week intensive coaching program keeping them on track for their education success!

Orange Duffel Bag Initiative: Give today for a GA student's better tomorrow! The number of GA's homeless, foster care and high poverty students grows each year -- currently 40,000+ K-12. ODB offers these students--our neighbors in need--hope and a pathway out of poverty!

Dr. John D. Barge, State School Superintendent Georgia Department of Education, Georgia Assessment of Performance on School Standards, Southwest High School Commendations, Family & Community Engagement - “The Orange Duffel Bag program is an innovative way to engage students and encourage them to stay in school.” 

Just in 2015-16:

 8 ODB After School Programs 
•  5 Coaching for College Completion (CCC) Programs 
•  2 ODB/CCC Reunions with 150 grads reunited
•  4th Annual Golf Event sponsored by JE Dunn 
•  ODB added to United Way Employee Contribution Dropdown Menus #37878
•  ODB added to SCCP (State Charity Contribution Program) for State Employees ODB #204426
•  ODB surpassed our 3-year and 5-year goals for students served, financial benchmarks, expansion targets and key partner engagement
The best news of all, our ODB grads are staying on track with their education and giving back to their community and ODB through advocacy, peer mentoring, military service, job training and gainful employment.
ODB is grateful for every dollar contributed this year to empower our community’s underserved students. Just as Team Orange works everyday to provide the best services and role models for our students, we work equally hard to be good stewards of those dollars entrusted to our care. 85 cents of every dollar donated goes to program delivery or directly to our students.  There is no cost to students to receive our programming. ODB raises funds through grants, corporate contributions and individual donations.  
Program delivery expenses:
•  12-Week After School Class: Coaching, meals, curriculum materials, duffel bag & laptop for each high school student = $1490
•  12-Week CCC Class: Coaching, meals, curriculum materials, duffel bag & $200 scholarship check for each college student = $970
Please give today with assurance you WILL change lives and empower underrepresented high school and college students toward better tomorrows!
The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative
 EIN 27-1845671

 "Before I got in Orange Duffel Bag program, I was going downhill fast. I was headed for dealth or jail. Look at me now, I am making all As and Bs. I have a job. I'm dual enrolled at a techncal college and plan to pursue my education and training as a nurse when I graduate from high school." - ODB Grad

Voices of our ODB grads ... 

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