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Edna and Gerald, long retired, struggle with the many repairs their shotgun home needs.  had a stroke, limiting his mobility, and Edna doesn’t know what to do as their home literally is falling down around them and is no longer safe.

Mary, a  83 year old widow, has been a domestic all her adult life and struggles to survive on the minimal social security she receives.  Her home of 45 years has fallen into severe disrepair and she no longer has operable electricity or plumbing.

These are real people, barely surviving, living in disturbing conditions. 
Through our COLUMBUS COTTAGE PROGRAM, NeighborWorks Columbus has been identifying and helping the most vulnerable among us: our poor, elderly residents, living in unbearable, deplorable conditions.  People like Mary, Joe and Esther.  Since 2008, NeighborWorks Columbus has built one cottage per year.  But one per year is not enough.  We, as a community, can and must do better.
With this year’s COLUMBUS COTTAGE CAMPAIGN, NeighborWorks Columbus is seeking to raise $1 million so that we can help more people, expanding the program to more seniors, who right now, are living in substandard housing.  With your help, we can achieve this.  
A two bedroom cottage costs about $65,000 to build.  A family with a $12,500 income can only support housing at a value of $36,500.  NeighborWorks' COLUMBUS COTTAGE fund will fill this gap.  When the recipient moves or dies, the fund is replenished and the rebuilding of Columbus continues.
NeighborWorks wants to provide housing for those most at risk, like Mary, Gerald, and Edna.  This "hand up, not a hand out" will assist our elderly and vulnerable residents, one cottage at a time.  

About the Columbus Cottage Program
The Columbus Cottage Program is a public/private partnership made possible with community investments from local foundations, organizations and community supporters like you to eliminate substandard housing for low income seniors. 

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Charmaine C donated $100.00
Charmaine C donated $100.00
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Thank you for your hard work to house families in Georgia and Alabama!


NWC's mission to build communities through homeownership is gold! #imwiththem