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Mission Statement: The mission of Nuçi’s Space is to prevent suicide by providing obstacle- free treatment for musicians suffering from depression and other such disorders, as well as to assist in the emotional, physical and professional well-being of musicians. To accomplish this mission, Nuçi’s Space actively participates in treatment, educates to destigmatize mental illness and advocates for sufferers.
General History and Information: In 1999, the Phillips family of Atlanta established the Nuçi Phillips Memorial Foundation in memory of 22-year-old Nuçi Phillips, who in 1996 killed himself after a long battle with depression. Nuçi was a musician and a promising student at UGA in Athens. Having lived the course of Nuçi’s illness with him, the family recognized the need for obstacle free ways of treating and supporting those who suffer from depression and other such disorders. With a focus on Nuçi’s fellow musicians, Nuçi’s Space was formed. It is a support/resource center dedicated to the emotional, physical and professional well-being of the music community.

Nuçi’s Space’s main service is the Counseling Assistance Program, which helps musicians gain access to mental health treatment. Those seeking help  meet with our Counseling Advocate and are referred to a group of off-site, licensed therapists who work closely with Nuçi’s Space to deliver affordable treatment. Since most musicians who use Nuçi’s Space are uninsured, they only pay a small fee ($10-$20 per appointment) and Nuçi’s Space pays the rest. Those in need of mental health services who are not musicians are also able to meet with our Counseling Advocate and are referred to appropriate sliding scale resources.

In addition to mental health resources, Nuçi’s Space offers a variety of other programs and services. The Space itself houses 4 fully-equipped soundproof practice rooms that are available to rent by the hour for a very low cost (between $6-$10 per hour). Nuçi’s Space also offers rental of music gear, periodic professional workshops and legal clinics, access to visits with a doctor for minor medical ailments, discounted eye exams and eyeglasses, discounted professional grade earplugs, youth programs, and various support groups (including the area’s only Survivors of Suicide support group for those who have lost a loved one to suicide).

Since opening its doors in September 2000, Nuçi’s Space has helped around 950 individuals through direct financial assistance for mental health treatment and has helped countless others through other support and referral services.
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