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Our Mission

Nicholas House’s mission is to help homeless families become self-sufficient by providing them with a temporary place to live while addressing the root causes of their homelessness so that they never become homeless again.  Our long-term goal is to end family homelessness in metro Atlanta.   Nicholas House is committed to assisting its families attain three goals that form the basis of self-sufficiency:
               1.  Earn a living wage;
               2.  Maintain the physical, mental and social health of the family;
               3.  Maintain safe and stable housing.

The Need

Sadly, families are increasingly the face of homelessness.  On average, there are 1,100 family members, 800 of whom are children, homeless in Atlanta every night.  The average age of a homeless person is only 9 years old.  

Why Support Nicholas House?

Since our founding in 1982, Nicholas House has helped more than 10,000 people get back on their feet. Nicholas House has three unique elements that set it apart from other homeless service providers:

1.  We are the only shelter in Atlanta that takes in homeless families regardless of composition, including single dads, large families, and families including teenage boys.  Whereas most shelters divide up families by age and gender, we believe that in the midst of a trauma as big as homelessness, no family should be separated.

2.  Our programs are accountability-based.  Upon entry into our programs, all clients identify personal goals that will help them become self-sufficient with their case manager and meet to assess their progress toward those goals every 90 days in order to re-qualify for continued participation in the program.

3.  We are outcome-oriented.  We track our clients’ progress for up to two years after they graduate, so we know that our programs are effective—80% of our families remain completely self-sufficient 2 or more years after graduation.

The Difference Your Gift Makes

We at Nicholas House are careful stewards of every gift we receive.  We are asking for your help to raise $10,000 for our programs this year!  Here are some ways your gift helps make a difference in the lives of the families we serve:

$100 will give two parents reliable transportation to work or job training for one month.

$250 provides one month of transportation for children to attend field trips and activities.

$500 provides one month of housing, meals and support for one homeless mother and child.

$1,000 gives a homeless child one year of meeting their unique academic and behavioral needs in our Youth Services Program.

$5,000 helps a homeless family of four create a brighter future with four months of housing, food, and adult and youth services.


Dreams for the Future

Families Overcoming Homelessness for a Bright Tomorrow

Just like anyone else, every member of the families Nicholas House serves has a dream for the future.  We met with one very special graduate family, the Joneses, and asked them about their dreams for the future—and how they plan to make those dreams a reality.  

Won’t you help our families dream—and make progress toward those dreams—by making a gift to Nicholas House today?

Meet the Jones Family.  They dream big.

Lachelle Jones and her six children became homeless after she left her children’s alcoholic father, then was ordered to bed rest while pregnant with her youngest.  Forced to quit her job to ensure the healthy delivery of her son, she had to use up all of her savings just to pay day-to-day bills.  She left the hospital after giving birth with nowhere to go. 

After spending time in shelters that either separated her from her two teenage sons or required her family to move every week, Lachelle found Nicholas House.  Lachelle was accepted into our Homeless to Homes program, which allowed her to keep her entire family together while she lived in a rent-subsidized apartment.  Working closely with a case manager, Lachelle was able to set aside enough money for a new car, the up-front costs to move to a new home, and an additional $1,000 in savings.

This summer, Lachelle graduated from the Homeless to Homes program and moved her family into a 4-bedroom rental home. She works full-time at a daycare and is close to completing her Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education, with plans to advance her career and increase her salary by working in the county school system.  She is saving to buy a house and is thrilled to be back on track and planning for the future.

Thanks to Nicholas House programs and Lachelle’s drive to succeed, she and her children are free to dream with the hopes of those dreams coming true.


Do you want to help homeless families' dreams become more than just dreams?  Give today!

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