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Empowering Youth ~ Engaging Families ~ Enriching Community

More Than Conquerors, Inc. (MTCI) is a highly effective 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to improve the capacity of young people in Metro Atlanta to form safe and stable families sustained through a network of support.  Since 1998, MTCI has built a solid history of serving youth and will continue to leverage the ability to advocate and mobilize for some of Georgia's most vulnerable youth ages 14-19.  MTCI impacts over 3,500 youth annually.

MTCI takes youth off the path of costly failure by equipping them to achieve a future of self-sufficiency and healthy lifestyles for themselves and their families to follow.  From one-on-one mentoring to in-school programs to hosting community youth events, MTCI addresses core values by setting the standards, strengthening resiliency, promoting self-efficacy, healthy behaviors, teaching life skills and providing support for long-term empowerment to make healthy lifestyle choices. MTCI lovingly guides adolescents toward applying the "Sequence of Personal Responsibility" or "Success Sequence". Research has shown when youth follow this life strategy that they are highly likely not to experience poverty as an adult, even if they have been impoverished as children.

If young people are to become productive citizens, they must engage the success sequence:  

Education, Employment, Marriage, then Children.

MTCI teaches, strengthens and equips youth and young adults with the tools necessity necessary to build healthy relationships. We are committed to and particularly advocate for the future formation of healthy marriages and families. Educational areas include personal development, in-depth relationship education, STD awareness, teen pregnancy prevention/abstinence, teen dating violence and awareness/prevention, domestic violence awareness/prevention and money management. Support services include case management, job skills and career services.

We help young people redefine what a "normal relationship" is from ones that are built on abusive communication and behavior to ones that are built on self-confidence, empowerment and respect.

MTCI promotes a sense of purpose, healthy behaviors, and core value life skills. MTCI assists youth in identifying all of their wonderful assets; strengths, skills, talents & abilities, and applaud them in appreciation activities and events. We create a positive and fun learning environment and provide opportunities for the youth to utilize their skills and enrich the community through service projects. MTCI through collaboration, education, prevention, and most importantly love, serves young people by leading them toward a better future.

"I was 14 years old when I stared into the eyes of the man I had
hitched a ride with as he held a gun and demanded sex. I thought
my life was over…but I got a second chance. Through MTCI , I
gained the self-confidence I needed to make the right choices like enrolling in college where I am pursuing my dream of becoming a doctor. I have also made the choice to lead a healthier lifestyle that
puts me on the path to greatness. Now I know that my life is just beginning.”

 –Shanate, sophomore at Georgia State University

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Such a needed organization. Keep up the great work! Your results are worth it.


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