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Some time back a young boy was abandoned by his mother at a Department of Family and Children Services office just across theGeorgia state line.  He moved through several placements and hospitalizations due to his disabilities and behaviors.  He came from a turbulent home and had great needs.  In the summer of 2012 he came to live at Morningstar.  Today, when asked what is important to him he answers, “I want to live in a foster home.”  With the help of Morningstar this 14 year old boy has the hope of finding his forever family

Stories like this are true for about 95% of the children we serve at Morningstar. Unfortunately, they are also intellectually disabled on top of having experienced more trauma in their short lives than you will probably ever see in 3 lifetimes. This repeated trauma has caused the onset of multiple mental disorders. Our mission at Morningstar is to ultimately "Glue the pieces of the broken vase back together" as best as we can through therapy, providing a safe and nurturing environment, school (all grade levels) and onsite medical staff. The staff at Morningstar are the 24hr caretakers of these children. We spend day and night, holidays and birthdays with them. We transport them all over the state of GA for court and permanency/placement hearings where a judge decides where their next placement should be. When they are sick, sad, scared, hurt and angry they don't have mom, dad, brother or sister, grandma or auntie to call on to take care of them.

As unfortunate as it seems, it's a grim reality. Our staff fill the role as caretaker spending quality time with them teaching them and showing them the right way. We are there to let them know LOVING and CARING people DO exist in the world. We try to provide as much normalcy to their childhoods as possible. I just hope that you too find it in your hearts to want the best for these kids and their future.

PLEASE HELP US to continue to fulfill our mission to provide these quality services by clicking on the link below to donate ANYDAY or on 11/13/13 to have your donation matched by the Schermeron Fund.

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