Morningstar Children & Family Services, Inc.

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Residential Care
Our 380 acre Residential Program is therapeutic in nature and focuses on individualizing services and needs for each youth. All children and youth served at the Youth Estate Campus have emotional/behavioral disorders and an intellectual disability.  Morningstar provides a therapeutic environment to those deemed “most in need.”

Morningstar Academy
Our school is a uniquely structured school in that it is a public and private partnership between the Glynn County Schools and Morningstar Children and Family Services.  Morningstar Academy is located on the Youth Estate Campus and is a therapeutically safe educational environment designed to meet the academic needs of each student. 

Therapeutic Foster Care
We believe that families, rather than institutions, provide healthier and more wholesome environments for children as they recover from their life challenges and learn to develop their strengths. Children and youth need someone to care about where they are and what their grades are like, and to believe in what they can become.

Mental Health Services
Children, youth and families face more challenges today than ever before. We understand that these life challenges can feel overwhelming. That is why we partner with the children, youth, families and community to provide the most effective care and promote success through building natural supports beyond treatment.
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