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Think about what you want in lifefor yourself, or you children... are any of those things possible without a good education? In the United States public school is not only offered to every child but it's mandatory because we honor what a good education means for the future of our contry But Did you know, that in Honduras the percentage of middle school aged youth not enrolled as secondary school students stands at 79%. That's 79% of pre-teens and teens not furthering their education. In Honduras there is no awareness for the benefits of education, as well as a lack of extra curricular activities to keep the children engaged in school.
The Music Empowerment Project, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is dedicated to developing empowered global citizens. Our volunteer expeditions seek participants to serve as assistant teachers in music programs designed to empower poverty stricken youth abroad for a life-changing cultural immersion. Our volunteers range from music indrustry professionals to music minded high school or college students. As the teach abroad they encrouage youth to stay in school, to be present, to be engaged and come back inspired to serve in their own communities where the need is ever-present.

Our goal for this Georgia Gives Day is to raise $5,000 to cover the cost of a music bases class in March 2016. With this class, we hope to introduce over 150 poverty-stricken youth in Honduras to a new form of expression through instruments and music and an exciting new reason to further their education and remain engaged in school.

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Laura S donated $50.00
Laura S donated $50.00
Laura S donated $50.00

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