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Mentor Me- North Georgia, Inc. is a a non-profit organization dedicated to helping school age children and youth, in need of positive role models, grow into healthy and productive members of our society and community. We believe that mentors spending just one hour a week with a young person contributes to better schools, brighter futures and stronger communities for all. 

We match caring volunteers with children/youth who need mentors.  We help them build great friendships that IMPACT, TRANSFORM and CHANGE their lives.


Spending just a little time with a child goes a long ways-

81% of children in our program improved in their self-confidence/self-esteem
80% maintained or showed improvement in behavior and academic performance.

A major part of the success of Mentor Me is the professional case management that is provided to the matches. Having a professional case manager to interview & screen volunteers, find good matches between individuals with like interests and then supporting the matches with proactive contacts is key. 

There are hundreds of children who need mentors in our area. 

Will you help change a life?

Thank you!

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