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Men Stopping Violence has been part of the community for 36 years. Lives have been changed and even saved but more work remains. We are up to the challenge, and with your support, will continue to make our communities safer for women and girls.
Engaging Young Men and Women on Campus
Men Stopping Violence partners with local colleges and universities to engage young men and women in the work of ending male violence against women.  In this short video, below, Emory University students share why they support MSV, and invite you to do so:

See how MSV touched the life of this recent graduate:


Our Internship program provides young leaders with the tools for self-reflection and taking preventive action in their communities.

Men’s Education Program - This 24- week class, open to all men in the community, teaches   alternatives to abusive and controlling behavior in their relationships.  In demonstrating personal accountability, the program encourages men to join the movement to create safe communities for women and girls.
Community Restoration Program - a dynamic space for men to draw encouragement and support in their continued growth of healthy, respectful masculinity, while engaging with MSV staff in advancing the organization’s mission.  
Because We Have Daughters® - a relaxed and insightful opportunity for men to consider the threat of violence through the eyes of the girls and women in their lives.  
Training and Consultation – tailored programs, year-round, engage men in achieving our ambition of a world free of violence against women and girls.
For 35 years Men Stopping Violence has been our name and our goal.  Affirm your belief in making the world safer for women and girls.  Support Men Stopping Violence.  Thank you.

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I applaud the work of Men Stopping Violence. Thanks for what you are doing for the community!


Thank you for the work that you do!


MSV is a wonderful organization!


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