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Men Stopping Violence, Inc.

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Men Stopping Violence

Mission:  To organize men to end male violence against women and girls through innovative trainings, programs, and advocacy.

Since 1982, Men Stopping Violence has educated over 60,000 men about how to stop their abusive behavior, and provided training to over 2,500 organizations.

What We Do:
Men’s Education Program - a 24- week class that offers men alternatives to abusive and controlling behavior in their relationships, and covers how men can choose to be part of a movement to create safe communities for women and girls.

Training and Consultation on engaging men in preventing violence against women
Community Restoration Program - a dynamic space for men to further their education and development by assisting MSV staff in engaging and organizing men.



Internship -  Mentorship and training to prepare young leaders for self-reflection, taking leadership from women organizing to end male violence, and developing skills to take preventive action in their communities.

Because We Have Daughters® - a fun and educational opportunity for dads to learn about violence against women and girls through the lenses and realities of their daughters.


To learn more, please go to our website at or give us a call at 404-270-9894.
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