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Live Oak Public Libraries Foundation
"A library outranks any other one thing
a community can do to benefit its people."

Andrew Carnegie
Your investment in Live Oak Public Libraries Foundation yields quality literacy programs based on proven practices that touch families in our community. Your partnership has the potential to help a child learn to read for a lifetime, assist a student with his or her homework, or inspire an adult to seek further education or career advancement.  Each of these outcomes helps strengthen our community, ensuring its vitality, growth, safety and ability to overcome significant issues like barriers to academic achievement, unemployment, poverty, and crime. 

Investing in Live Oak Public Libraries Foundation is a way for people who believe in the power of public libraries to transform lives and create a more literate community.

While our community needs an ever increasing array of information services, the Library is faced with declining public funding.  Public funds support basic library operations such as facilities, collections and staff while private funds supplement and enhance library services and programs. The Library relies on the Foundation for help, ensuring an excellent library system that provides the resources uniquely needed by our community. 

Live Oak Public Libraries Foundation recognizes learning and literacy barriers as chief obstacles for our community’s success; these barriers lead to increased high school dropout and teen pregnancy rates; low wages; unemployment; poverty; and crime. 

“Education is key to climbing out of poverty and literacy is critical
to a child’s educational success”.

Geoffrey Canada, head of the Harlem Children’s Zone

Live Oak Public Libraries is the greatest resource of knowledge, learning and culture in our community. Your support ensures literacy and learning programs that cultivate individual successes leading to community enrichment, improvement and advancement.
Support YOUR Library by investing
in the Live Oak Public Libraries Foundation.

Your investment ensures the vitality and growth in services of the Library
that allow our community to READ! SUCEED!
Please join us in investing in a better community,
and make your donation today!
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