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Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation, Inc., (LHTYF) is an award winning, 501 (c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to fostering and promoting children's health. Our mission is to educate, activate, motivate and empower youth in the areas of academic achievement, fitness, nutrition and total wellness. Established in 2010, we are committed to educating our youth about healthy lifestyles habits so they are more likely to avoid obesity, diabetes and hypertension. We provide practical, healthy educational programs and activities that will affect the lives of children throughout their lifetime. We educate children from all races and backgrounds about why proper health is an essential part of their growth and development. 

Additionally, we aim to assist children suffering from childhood obesity, diabetes and hypertension to become healthier and happier by giving them the tools and resources they need to lead better lives. One of our signature health and wellness programs is "Garden are for Kids" where we donate a garden to a local elementary school and teach kids interactive, agriculture lessons about how to plant a vegetable garden. 

Our Healthy Kids Summer Camp serves as a great option for many students during summer months to learn about health education, fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices while getting the chance to meet professionals in various industries. Our kids get to experience cooking demonstrations, fitness challenges and health lessons and a fun and interactive environment that promotes rigorous learning.

The Live Healthy & Thrive Youth Foundation provides a variety of free programs and low cost events to kids ages 6-13 who live in the metropolitan Atlanta area.  We invest in the futures of our youth by providing  high school students with $1000 book scholarships through our Pinnacle Youth Scholarship Fund. This fund provides financial assistance for graduating high school seniors to assist them with expenses for their first year of college.

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Keep up the great work


Keep up the good work!


Continue the great work you're doing for our kids...thank you for your commitment!!