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Literacy Action

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To set the standard of excellence in the field of adult basic education and to ultimately eradicate low literacy, a root cause of poverty, in the Atlanta area.


To build better futures for undereducated adults by teaching literacy, life and work skills that empower them to reach their highest potential.

In Georgia, an estimated one in six adults ages 19 to 65, has low literacy skills, defined as a reading level equivalent to the fifth grade or lower. The causes of low literacy are inter-related and often originate early in life. Literacy Action offers a series of adult education classes FREE of charge, with flexible schedules, and at multiple convenient locations.

At Literacy Action, adult learners find the tools and the confidence they need to make powerful changes in their lives. Some students enjoy increased independence as they learn to interpret a bus schedule, read the instructions on their medications, or balance a checkbook. Others seek to sharpen the skills that will enable them to excel in the workforce or obtain their GED. Regardless of the circumstances that bring adult learners to Literacy Action, they will receive the education that enables them to pursue their goals and improve their lives. 

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