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Literacy Action

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Before I came to work at Literacy Action, I really didn't understand the disadvantage that people experience if they can't read or do basic math.  These are life skills, and important ones.  Reading street signs, medication packages, newspapers, and bus schedules.  Calculating a budget, counting your change, telling time.  It's things I have taken for granted, and I now see how lucky I am to have had access to a good education and learned these things as a child.  

Literacy Action's students have some stories that have surprised me and made me realize how much of the Jim Crow south still affects people today.  Stories of segregated schools, of having to miss school to harvest on a sharecropping farm, having to quit school and work to help your family make ends meet.  

Our students are tough.  They have seen so many challenges, and it is so inspiring to see them come back to education and seek these tools at any stage of live.

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