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Building a Literate Atlanta Together!

In Georgia, an estimated one in six adults reads at a fifth grade level or lower. The causes of low literacy are interrelated and often originate early in life, and the implications are both social and economic, as low literate adults struggle to participate fully in everyday tasks and obtain stable employment to provide for themselves and their families. Furthermore, as with poverty, low literacy is often intergenerational, as children of low-literate parents often also struggle to read at grade level.

To address this need, Literacy Action serves over 1,000 students each year. Thanks to our supporters, Literacy Action's students have earned GEDs, gained better employment, read their first books cover-to-cover, and built the skills they need to help their children and grandchildren succeed in school.

With your support this Georgia Gives Day, Literacy Action will able to offer continue offering adult learners tuition-free and stigma-free classes in reading, writing, English as a Second Language, math, and GED prep. We'll provide additional training in digital skills, family literacy, and workforce readiness so our students are prepared to apply their academic progress to their life goals. Most importantly, your support will help undereducated adults build better lives and brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Hear what our students and supporters have to say about why Literacy Action matters to them.
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Thank you so much Literacy Action for everything.


As a thank you to our book club members, for making reading so much fun, I wanted to make this donation as a "Christmas Gift" to end 2018 an


Let's break the cycle and open a new world of possibilities for undereducated adults, their families, and our communities!


Glad to help.